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The Wine Rack offers KALDI Gourmet Roasted Coffees by the pound – whole bean or ground to order.

Kaldi Gourmet Coffee Roasters is a custom gourmet coffee micro-roastery in nearby Wilmington, NC. Kaldi uses only high-grade Arabica beans, roasting, blending and flavoring to order, to provide truly the highest quality coffee. We currently offer the following coffees  – selections may change seasonally.

Colombian Supremo Pico Cristobal $10.99/lb.

Colombian Supremo is the highest-grade coffee available from South America. With beans large and uniform in size, full-bodied, moderately rich, slightly acidic, they possess an elusive winy tone that's become a favorite to America.

Costa Rican Tarrazu -- Regular $11.99/lb. Decaf $13.99/lb.

This strictly hard bean coffee (highest grade coffee available) is noted for its full body and richness. Containing good balance, acidity, body and character, with a hint of spice and some nutty overtones

Guatemalan San Juan Utapa Organic Fair Trade $12.99/lb.

San Juan Utapa is located in the mountains of the department of Santa Rosa, south of the capital city of Guatemala. This small farm was established by the Santos family towards the end of the 19th century and has been passed down through the generations. San Juan Utapa has grown organically for many years and was certified by OCIA in 1997. The coffee trees and overhead canopy of the natural environment are very healthy and the farm is very well cared for. The coffee pickers at San Juan Utapa harvest only the red and ripe cherries to be taken to the small wet processing center located on the farm. The cherry is pulped, then fermented for 18-20 hours, depending on external temperatures, then washed and sun dried on cement patios. San Juan Utapa does its own final milling and bagging by hand. The cup quality of this organic Guatemalan coffee is very impressive with delicate qualities of mild aroma and acidity, medium body, and a smooth, clean and distinct finish.

Sumatran Mandheling $12.99/lb.

This coffee is very full-bodied, has an intense earthy flavor, and one of the lowest degrees of acidity of any of our coffees. Mandheling of Sumatra is considered one of the most full-bodied coffees in the world.

Wine Rack House Blend $11.99/lb.

A beautifully well-rounded coffee that can be served any time of day. We feel we have perfected the balance of acidity, body, aroma and flavor that is found in only the most supreme coffees. It's the "house blend" to many of our wholesale customers.

Italian Dark Roast $11.99/lb.

This is a darker roast creating a rich, bittersweet characteristic to the gourmet coffee beans and allowing just a hint of oil to rise to the surface of the gourmet coffee beans. This is one of the more challenging degrees of roast. The roastmaster must very carefully track the exact time and temperature to dump the gourmet coffee beans into the cooling bin as to not allow the coffee to roast any longer which would lead to Kaldi Gourmet Coffee Roasters last and darkest roast; the French Roast.

Flavored Coffees:

Coffea arabica (or Arabica) beans are used for flavored coffees due to their low levels of acidity and bitterness. Arabica was the earliest cultivated species of coffee and is still the most highly prized. These top quality beans are milder and more flavorful than the harsher Coffea canefora (or robusta) beans which are used in many commercial and instant coffees.

Southern Pecan $11.99/lb.

Enjoy a warm Southern greeting with the flavors of wholesome, freshly roasted pecans and wonderful Arabica bean coffee - a delicious flavored coffee that you’ll want to share.

Hazelnut Creme $11.99/lb.

A marvelous and mellow flavored coffee with the buttery flavor of roasted hazelnuts. A coffee to soothe your soul!