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Wine Tastings

Fridays from 5:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Our tasting events are a great way to meet other wine lovers, get to know our assorted wines and learn to discern among the different flavors and regions.

No experience is necessary to participate in our tasting events, and we encourage you to bring your friends. See our tasting notes below and don't forget to Sign Up for our newsletter.

Tasting fee is $5 per person - cash please! Enjoy tasting and learning about 5 featured wines and help yourself to appetizers. When you purchase any bottle of wine at the tasting, your $5 goes back in your pocket!

Wine Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes Aug 18, 2017
The Wine Rack Tasting Notes 8-18-2017.pd[...]
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Recent Tastings

Tasting Notes Aug 11, 2017
The Wine Rack Tasting Notes 8-11-2017.pd[...]
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Tasting Notes Aug 4, 2017
The Wine Rack Tasting Notes 8-4-2017.pdf
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Tasting Notes July 28, 2017
The Wine Rack Tasting Notes 7-28-2017.pd[...]
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Tasting Notes July 21, 2017
The Wine Rack Tasting Notes 7-21-2017.pd[...]
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Wine Tasting Speak

Speak like an expert....

BODY - The weight and fullness of a wine. A full-bodied wine fills the mouth.                 COMPLEXITY - determined by the number of different flavor elements and undertones in a wine. CRISP - A fresh, young wine with good acidity - generally a white wine.                                        FINISH - The aftertaste aor flavor that lingers in your mouth after the wine is swallowed.        MOUTH FEEL - How a wine feels in the mouth and against the tongue. An important part fo the total wine tasting experience.                                                                                                             ROBUST - A full-bodied, internse and flavorful wine.                                                                             TANNIN - Denotes flavorsof leather and tea in a young wine. It gives a wine its firmness and gradually fades away as a wine ages.